Cristalica Kingdom Project
Germany, Döbern

Cristalica Kingdom Project

The German company Cristalica manufactures and sells beautiful glass products.
The company built a unique showroom in the shape of a crystal pyramid, called
Cristalica Kingdom, to showcase its products. As a manufacturer of crystal lighting fixtures
we were proud to take part in this unique project.

We provided a series of large crystal Spiral Chaos pieces
for the lobby of the pyramid. The Spiral Chaos piece is entirely
decorated with Spot Chaos spotlights. The combination of the large
spiral and the spotlights makes the interior of the pyramid highly atmospheric
and the pieces fit elegantly into the modern interior. A wide curtain-like
ArtGlass lighting fixture, Curtain II, decorates the pyramid reception.
The Cristalica Kingdom Pyramid in Döbern was fitted
with ArtGlass lighting fixtures in autumn 2013.

The support of export activities ArtGlass Ltd. is co-financed by the European Union
The aim of the project is to support the export activities of ArtGlass Ltd.